Competitive X Wing Comes to Da Boyz

Da Boyz is excited to bring X Wing to the Da Boyz gaming weekend.    This event will be TO'd by James Carman.   

Xwing tournament will follow standard dogfighting rules and the most recent FFG FAQ released prior to the event will be in effect.  100 points lists 75 minute rounds $15 entry fee (pre registration advised).    Swiss rounds will be Saturday with total number of of rounds determined per FFG Basic Structure(in other words will determine on number of participants)    we anticipate a cut to top 4 on Sunday.

On site registration starts at 9 AM* 

First round start betwen930-10AM    

*Because of space limitations  we strongly encourage preregistration via PayPal in advance of the event PayPal button below


As of 10/16 PAYPAL Is having global problems.   

This is effecting numerous businesses including our event.  We are not sure when this is going to be fixed.    For more information about this problem see this thread


Players can manually work around this error if you feel comfortable see page 3 of the thread.


XWING Player Name



Prize support will include items from  Systema Gaming http://www.systemagaming.com/ and Millennium Games as well as the unique and coveted Da Boyz Trophy.  


Please see the Event, Venue and Lodging tabs as well as Registration.  Please take note the RIT Inn and Conference center is NOT at the RIT college campus. Please program your GPS carefully.  


Questions regarding the event should be posted in the WNY XWING Facebook groupattention James Carman


if you do not have access to the group please email us at daboyzrocgt@gmail.com

 Additional general  discussion regarding the Da Boyz Gaming Weekend and tournaments also available at our Facebook page:


Additional event coverage on Twitter @Khornelord and #DaBoyzGT

Alcohol Policy

We will have a private bar for attendees open in the afternoon on Friday and Saturday. Outside alcohol is not allowed in public areas including the gaming hall.    We expect participants to drink responsibly.    We reserve the right to ask participants to leave if our alcohol policy is broken.