2016 Three Fantasy Gaming Options

In 2016 there were  three options for fantasy gaming.  Grand Tournaments in the 9th Age and Age of Sigmar systems; and a special 8th Edition Warhammer Fantasy Battles 2 day mega battle event.   Scroll down  for general rules and also specifc rules for each of  the systems.      For 2017 we will be updating these rules.  What is here now is our _2016_ rules. 

UPDATE 9/29  for the 9th Age and Age of Sigmar systems we have waived the painting requirement to make it easier for new players to join us.  

Update 10/7  "9th Age" points cap increased to 2500.   NO CHANGE in Age of Sigmar or 8th Edition events.  

Special note 10/21  Yes you can register after the "list due date" for our AoS and 9th Age events.  

General rules for all three systems:


Cancellations and Refunds are available until 8am October 6th after that point we can not offer refunds


Army List Submission – Army lists will be due on October 20th please see notes about email correspondence below .  You are welcome to  register after this date but will not receive the bonus points for "list submitted on time."

Important note on Email: you can reach us atdaboyzrocgt@gmail.com  

In the subject line , ALWAYS start your email subject with 40K/8th/AoSSingles/Doubles and then your question/concern.  Last year we had over 200 army lists and a similar number of questions sent to a shared email address.  It wasn’t easy to keep track of it all.    Help us out by titling carefully!    


Awards will be given for painting, sportsmanship, generalship and the gamer who embodies all of these.   Awards may provided as combination awards for all of the systems depending on number of total entrants.  

9th age:

Army Construction and List Submission

We will use the 2016 9th Age Rules Set.  All army books and rules can be found at http://www.the-ninth-age.com/  Any army book released before October 4th will be legal for the event.   We will NOT be using the 1.2 9th Age update expected to be released around 10/24. 

Army lists should be submitted by October 20th.    You are welcome to  register after this date but will not receive the bonus points for "list submitted on time."   You may submit an army of up to 2500 points value.   Please indicate on your army list all Paths for Wizards, magic items and other upgrades.  

 If you have  questions about the event please email us at daboyzrocgt@gmail.com    (please include 9th Age in your email title)

House Rules

  1. Wood elves are allowed to bring a free forest but this must be a fully painted and appropriately modeled piece of terrain no larger then 6 inches in diameter.
  2. We will be playing ‘open list’ so bring at least 6 copies of your list to provide to your opponent.

Modeling and Painting Standards

  1. Painting is encouraged not required.  
  2. Conversions are welcome but should be clear for your opponent. There should be no “modelling for advantage” If there is some question please email us (with a picture) and we’ll take a look.   
  3. Proxies should strive to be clear to your opponent. 

Age of Sigmar:

You must submit a “Battlehost” army using the points values and restrictions found in the Games Workshop General's Handbook or Age of Sigmar app. This means 2000 points, 3+ battle line units, and other restrictions as noted in Generals Handbook.    You can find a free online army builder with points values at http://www.scrollbuilder.com Army lists are due October 20th.   You are welcome to  register after this date but will not receive the bonus points for "list submitted on time."

If you do not have access the Generals Handbook send us an email with your planned army and we can help tweak your list.    The scrollbuilder website above will help with putting a list together.    We will only allow Generals Handbook units for this event.  For any  questions about the event please email us at daboyzrocgt@gmail.com  (please include Age of Sigmar in your email title)

Unlike last year’s event you will submit a single army list and use it in every battle. Reinforcement points reserved must be indicated on the army list. Which units you choose to summon do not need to be decided prior to the event or individual games. 

You can pre choose your allegiance traits, and magic weapons before the first round. But once you do that you will keep those choices for the entire event.  We recommend that you indicate these choices on the army list you submit.  

House Rules

  1. Measure from base to base or the highest point on the model.
  2. Overlapping of bases is not allowed
  3. Characters such as Greasus, Archaon etc are unique and are limited to one per army.
  4. Games will last a max of 6 turns or as specified in the scenario or until time runs out.  When the timer goes off means dice down and determine the winner of the game.
  5. Sudden Death victory conditions will not be used unless explicitly specified in the scenarios
  6. "Flavor rules" requiring the player to perform a specific ‘quirky’ action (i.e. Grail Knights) for an in game effect are applied rules as written.  If you don’t want to deal with resolving it don’t field the model.  The TO’s reserve the right to adjust this ruling at any time (including during the event) if needed to deal with unexpected situations or player specific issues (for example a physical disability that prevents someone from performing the action.)   If you are planning something you think will be controversial check with us before submitting your list.

Modeling and Painting Standards

  1. Painting is encouraged but not required.  
  2. Bases can either be round or square.
  3. Bases should easily fit the model without a lot of the model hanging off. If a model is on what the TO’s deem too small of a base then you may be required to measure from the model instead of a base. While there are not official conversion tools for this you may want to review the following resources: 
  4. Conversions are encouraged but should be clear for your opponent. There should be no “modelling for advantage” If there is some question please email us (with a picture) and we’ll take a look.
  5. Please attempt to pursue  WYSIWYG so models with no shields are not getting those perks and heroes look to have what they have. Weapons on units are what they look like.
  6. Proxies  are allowed but should not be simply painted or very lightly converted models from GW ranges that might cause confusion.   High Elf archers represent High Elf archers not proxy Glade Guard or Waywatchers  (especially because Order armies could have all three.)


1. If you have special rules that will trigger additional  attack if a model meets a condition (i.e. causes a wound) designate which model is attacking and roll separetely rather than per unit.

2. If  a scenario designates a winner   on an earlier turn then turn 5 you can continue until the max turns for the scenario or time is called to determine scenario bonus points.


The Ultimate Alliance of Absolute Power! 

An 8th Edition, Warhammer Fantasy Battles, Mega-Game Event  

Hosted by The Eighth Edition For Life (EEFL) Warhammer Forum

A World of Chaos. A Time of Heroes. An Age of War. 

The Emperor is dead and the Empire is ripe for plunder. The Forces of Destruction have assembled the Ultimate Army of Evil and have already sacked Stirland and the Moot. Now armies of Goblinoids, Skaven, and the minions of Chaos, continue their path of ruination by invading the key Imperial Province of Talabecland. Yet, the Men of the Empire do not despair. Under the leadership of Reiksmarshal Maximilian Arno and Valten, a rising war-hero said to be Sigmar reincarnate, the Forces of Order have united to preserve the Empire. Should Talabecland fall, the Empire’s first defense will be destroyed and scattered, and the enemies of Order will hold territory deep within Imperial lands in which to launch further invasions. The Forces of Order must hold or the entire Old World will burn…

The Ultimate Alliance of Absolute Power is a huge, multiplayer Warhammer Fantasy Battles game using the 8th edition rules set, with more than 20,000 points per side and lasting for the duration of the entire Da Boyz GT weekend! 

Due to the massive scale of this game, the event is by invitation only. There is no option to register on the website but it will cost $40. If you are interested in committing to playing in this 8th edition all-weekend event and have a fully painted and flocked 8th edition Warhammer army of a least 5,000 points, contact Kevin Coleman (KevinC) on The Eighth Edition For Life (EEFL) Warhammer Forum at  www.eefl.freeforums.net