Warmachine and Hordes


 For 2017 we will be updating these rules.  What is here now is our _2016_ rules. 

There will be a Saturday Team Event and a Sunday Casual Play Event.  

Saturday: Team Event  10am-6pm

75 points SR 2016 Rules. 2 Lists, divide and conquer (1). Death Clock timing. 

3 man team event. The team that wins the majority of the matches, wins the overall team match for the round. Each player of each team will be ranked 1,2,3. They will play their opposing ranked player on the opposite team. 

Team Feat- once per tournament the Captain of the team, may opt to Team Feat. The Team Feat allows the captain to rerank his players. This must be done after matchups are reviewed but before starting rolls are made. The option to No Feat is binding, even if the other team decides to Feat. If both teams decide to Feat, the Captains will roll off with the winning captain chooses the order of declaration.

The teams will not be made randomly and can be formed in advance.

This event is capped at 16 teams/48 players so be sure to register your team!




Sunday: Call to Arms Causal Play event

This fun event will feature matches that can be played at 25, 50 or 75 points.  Each battlefield will be unique with its

own obstacles, interesting terrain and other in-game factors, that will be announced as play commences!


Each player will gain points by achieving a variety of goals, or accomplishing certain tasks throughout their games.


Prizes will go to the overall points champion.  More details to follow!

For more information, please email Gail Martindale at TOKingdomcon@gmail.com