Age of Sigmar Da Boyz Grand Tournament 2017 Rules

Army Lists and General Rules

Army lists are due November 4th    Late lists will receive a penalty to their overall score.

Bring five copies of your army list to be shared with your opponents. 

If you have questions about the event please email us at    (please include Age of Sigmar in your email title.)

 Lists will be up to 2000 points using the restrictions found in Generals Handbook.  If Generals Handbook 2 is released prior to October 31st we will use those points values and restrictions.

You may use the point values from Generals Handbook, Age of Sigmar App, or a faction Battletome.   

You must use the most recently published version of any Warscroll you are fielding whether this is in print or online. 

Your army list must indicate whom is your general, artifacts, prayers, allegiance abilities, and any other items.   These may not change over the course of the event.

Reinforcement points reserved must be indicated on the army list. Which units you choose to summon do not need to be decided prior to the event.  You do however have to tell your opponent what units you have with you available to be summoned. 

You can find a free online army builder with points at  Click Access Warscroll BuilderYou are responsible however for checking the accuracy of the list you submit.  


House Rules

Measure from base to base or the highest point on the model.

Overlapping of bases is not allowed.

Terrain will either have predefined rules or will be specifically indicated to be rolled for by players.   

Terrain will be placed prior to the start of games you may reset in a mutually acceptable manner it if you think it was accidentally moved prior to your game. 

Terrain brought by the player as part of their list or a free terrain pieceCANNOT be placed on top of an objective marker.  Please also see notes in Modeling and Painting Standards on bought terrain rules.  

If include a Sylvaneth Wyldwood in your army, it can be homemade. However:

·         It must possess a nearly identical footprint to that of a Citadel Wood.

·         There should bea minimum of three trees on the base.

·         These trees are considered part of the terrain feature and may not be moved to allow units or characters through.

“Named” Characters such as Durthu, Archaon etc. are unique and are limited to one per army.

Games will last a max of 6 turns or as specified in the scenario or until time runs out.  When the timer goes off means dice down and determine the winner of the game.

Sudden Death victory conditions will not be used unless explicitly specified in the scenarios.

Carrion models are unable to hold objectives unless they have been on the ground since the end of the previous battle turn (the bottom of the most recent turn). This allows you to be on the ground at the end of the turn, and then if you win the Priority Roll you are able to score.

"Flavor rules" requiring the player to perform a specific ‘quirky’ action (i.e. Grail Knights) for an in game effect are applied rules as written.  If you don’t want to deal with resolving it don’t field the model.  The TO’s reserve the right to adjust this ruling at any time (including during the event) if needed to deal with unexpected situations or player specific issues (for example a physical disability that prevents someone from performing the action.)   If you are planning something you think will be controversial check with us before submitting your list.

Modeling and Painting Standards

We will allow unpainted models but we strongly encourage painted and flocked armies. 

Player brought terrain must be fully painted to be fielded.  Any terrain other then a Sylvaneth Wyldwood must be the actual GW model no proxies allowed. 
Bases can either be round or square.

Bases should easily fit the model without a lot of the model hanging off. If a model is on what the TO’s deem too small of a base then you may be required to measure from the model instead of a base.

If a model is currently sold by GW with a round/oval base that is the size to use.  If it is currently not sold with a round/square base you may want to review the following resources to determine approximate sizes:

Conversions are encouraged but should be clear for your opponent. There should be no “modelling for advantage” If there is some question please email us (with a picture) and we’ll take a look.

Proxies are allowed but should minimally converted models from GW ranges that might cause confusion.   High Elf archers represent High Elf archers not proxy Glade Guard or Waywatchers  (especially because Order armies could have all three!)  When in doubt don't field it.  

Forgeworld models must the actual GW model to be fielded. It does not have to be painted. 


There will be multiple award categories:

Best General: Highest total battle points

Best Army: Highest combination of judge and player graded scores for presentation

Best Sports:  Highest sportsmanship score

Overall Champion: Highest score in all three of the above categories.

Painting will be scored by judges using a scoring rubric.  We anticipate the typical grand tournament army will receive a score in the 12-14 range with scores capped at a maximum of 25. 

Games will be worth up to 25 points each and will have scenario driven primary and secondary objectives.

Sportsmanship will be scored on a binary per game and favorite opponent basis.